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Thai Constellation

Thai Constellation

This 6" Thai monstera constellation beauty is a fully rooted and ready to be repotted. She has 3 leaves and a fourth on the way! She can be propagated immediately if desired. Propagation encourages adventitious growth when growing conditions are ideal. This plant is fully rooted in Sphagnum moss. To leave the roots undisturbed and reduce plant shock you can place the entire root ball in a pot up to 2 times larger and use well-draining, chunky soil. The soil should consist of worm castings, pine bark, activated charcoal, perlite, fig bark, and potting soil for indoor plants. This plant was fertilized every watering (diluted according to package instructions) with the fertilizer sold here on Included in these photos is a picture of the root structure that indicates the plant is ready for repotting. This propagation was propagated from the mother Thai monstera constellation plant and grown in an indoor home environment, making it an easy transition into your home with little to no plant shock. Tips to thrive: Place her in a south facing window and pull her back a few feet to avoid leaf burn. She can tolerate a west facing window; however, the whites of the leaves may brown if she does not receive enough sunlight, or she reaches critical dryness or is underwatered. Water every 7 to 10 days depending on pot size and level and intensity of sunlight.

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