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Syngonium podophyllum "Pink"

Syngonium podophyllum "Pink"

Syngonium (nephthytis)  "pink" has fast growing beautiful bright-pink and light pastel green foliage. The leaves are shaped like an arrowhead, which is why the plant is commonly referred to as an "arrowhead" vine. Do not place this plant in direct sunlight, as its leaves will burn.  As this plant matures, it trails as it grows –encourage adventitious growth by propagating it, doing so will increase the lushness of your plant. Not only does Syngonium "pink" tolerate low light conditions, but it also tolerates temperature and fluctuations in watering regiment as well. For best results, water on a regular schedule and keep the soil somewhat moist, as this plant enjoys moisture, just not waterlogged moisture. 


This plant is comes in a 4-inch pot. 

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