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Staked Philodendron erubescens Red Emerald - large

Staked Philodendron erubescens Red Emerald - large

Philodendron erubescens displays stunning, long heart-shaped leaves.   Running along the edge of the leaf is a thin ruby line, providing an attractive, luxurious effect.  P.erubescens prefers moist soil, so long as it is well-draining, and the roots remain somewhat moist, but not left in standing water.  When the soil becomes too dry or too moist, the leaves will turn yellow or become brown on the tips or edges.   P.  erubescens is a hybrid is sought for its impressive leaves and size.  The plant reaches maturity, which can be around 12 feet in ideal conditions indoors.  P.erubescens is one of the easiest philodendrons to care for, due to its  tolerance for lighting and watering conditions.  Because this plant is a prolific grower, it should be fertilized regularly and watered consistently.   Consistent warmer temperature (not below 68 degrees) and humidity are a key ingredient to providing an ideal environment for this beautiful plant.  Ideally, stake P.erubescens on a moss, wood, or other pole of your choosing.  It is a vining plant and will produce the best foliage when staked to a pole.  


This is considered a rare philodendron and is difficult to find. This plant comes in a 6 inch pot and is staked.  The plant comes with several cuttings, as shown in pictures. The leaves vary by size and shape.  Allow 6 months of growth before repotting.  


Note: the picture of the plant for sale is the 6 inch potted and staked photo.  The plant is staked to a bamboo stake.  The other photographs show the mother plant and closeup photos of the leaves.

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