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Philodendron Micans

Philodendron Micans

These stunners are long and leggy! Philodendron micans is a stunning plant with velvety heart-shaped iridescent leaves. These beauties make this plant a sought after and coveted plant. Foliage is a deep green-purple color with purple-red undersides. New leaves emerge as bright green with pink stems and edges. P. Micans prefers medium to bright indirect light and a well-draining soil mixture that also retains some moisture. This plant can be grown as a vining plant or be staked to a pole to yield larger leaves.


This plant comes in a 4" pot. The larger P. micans photograph shows the mother plant.  The plant for sale for purchase is the smaller P. micans in the 4 inch pot.  Allow 6 months of growth before repotting.  

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