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Sport variegation - Philodendron hederaceum

Sport variegation - Philodendron hederaceum

Philodendron hederaceum var. hederaceum with sport variegation of more cream than silver and green and light green is a rare anomoly of variegation.  This plant is very hard to find. This unique cultivar has the identifying marker of a cream stripe down the center of the leaf. Another identifying feature is the small space between internodes. Ours is a rare and special plant because of its repeated instance and pattern of producing not only cream splash leaves ut also sport variegation, a rare anomaly and variegation.  This anomoly was cultivated by the trademarked nursery "Gabby's Plants" over many, many years. This fast-growing easy-care plant delivers stunning foliage and continues to deliver ever-flowing rewarding vines. Stake this plant up, and see larger, giant leaves. Keep as a vining plant and enjoy miles long vines for years to come!When your plant arrives, it is important to keep it in the sphagnum moss mixture and keep it somewhat moist until you see growth. After you see growth, the plant is ready to pot. DO NOT remove the sphagnum mixture, but rather pot the entire root ball with the sphagnum mixture into fresh aroid soil. begin with a 4-inch pot and gradually increase the pot as the plant grows. Keep in bright indirect light. This plant was grown in a Northwest facing window.In the photo, the mother plant is shown. This plant is a two-leaf rooted cutting wrapped in sphagnum moss and soil mixture, wrapped in cellophane. This plant does not come in a pot.When propagating this plant, it is best done in water then moved to sphagnum moss then to soil. It is imperative to keep this plant away from the window during colder winter months.Plant is shipped in a 4 inch pot.

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