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Pellionia repens "Luxxe" in Sphagnum moss

Pellionia repens "Luxxe" in Sphagnum moss

This unique gem donns vividly colored rare and unusual leaves, unlike others of it's cultivar. The leaves have mutated over several propagations to yield deep purplish and sometimes purpilish- black leaves, some with red tones, some with solid variegation. 


Pellionia repens is a robust, hearty and easy-care indoor tropical houseplant.  It has leaves with exquisite light in the center of the leaf with deep, dark green outlining the edges of the leaves.  This stunning contrast gives the plant a stunning appearance.  It is a very fast-growing vine that tolerates low-light.  Common names are "Watermelon Vine," due its the resemblance to the watermelon.  This plant is shipped in a 4 inch pot.

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