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Monstera adansonii "swiss cheese plant" (wide form)

Monstera adansonii "swiss cheese plant" (wide form)

Monstera adansonii, also known as the "Swiss Cheese" plant, gets its name from its large, heart-shaped leaves.  As the leaves mature, the fenestrations (holes) resemble the holes of Swiss cheese.  Want larger leaves?  As this plant grows upward, the leaves and fenestrations get larger as the pant matures!  This plant enjoys bright indirect light, great humidity, and regular waterings.  Do not let this plant get bone dry, or the leaves will yellow and die.  Too much moisture has the same effect--this plant prefers moderate moisture but not constantly wet soil.  Prefer a hanging monstera?  This plant will grow exponentially and produce vines for years to come!  Propagate and make more plants!

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