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Hoya Lacunosa speckled

Hoya Lacunosa speckled

The Hoya Lacunosa is one of the smaller hoya varieties growing only to 5 feet long veins compared to its counterpart cultivars that can grow easily past 10 feet long. One unique features of this plant are the recessed veins. Despite its compact size, it grows moderately fast, provided it is in optimal conditions like bright indirect light. When placed in ideal lighting conditions, the plant takes on a purplish hue, as shown in the picture. The small, green, oval-shaped leaves grow from thin, trailing vines. Each mature leaf can grow up to 3-4 inches in size. All hoya are rooted in sphagnum as shown in the picture. The plant arrived ready to be potted up in soil. Do not remove all sphagnum moss when potting up. Most plants are fully rooted, and you can put the plant directly in soil. Plant comes in 4-inch pot.

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