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Epipremnum aureum "Golden Pothos" High Gold "Hawaiian"

Epipremnum aureum "Golden Pothos" High Gold "Hawaiian"

Epipremnum aureum, commonly referred to as 'golden pothos' or 'devil's ivy,' produces stunning yellow and white marbled foliage. Outdoors, this plant grows abundantly and is considered invasive in warmer, tropical climates.  This plant thrives in sunny, humid environments but can tolerate lower lighting.  Without adequate lighting, the leaves lose their variegation and sometimes brown where there is white variegation.   When staked to a pole, this plant grows large showy foliage.  In order to grow giant leaves, the plant must reach full maturity.  Maturity usually occurs between 8 to 10 years, depending on lighting,  watering, fertilization, temperature, and humidity.  


The pot is a 6 inch self-draining pot.  Water until you see water coming from the bottom sides of the pot. There are several extra large golden pothos leaves, and the plant is climbing up and staked to a pole.  There are minor imperfections on the leaves.  The pot is a self-draining pot, but could be repotted after it adjusts to the climate in your home.

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