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Indoor Plants

phase 1: growth & health

Part of makes our plants unique is that they are grown in our home and not in a nursey.  This makes us different from other sellers because our mother plants are already acclimated to indoor home environments, making the plants transition from our home to yours an easy one!  Naturally, as with any transition, the plant needs time to adjust to its new environment.  An important part of this phase is our inspection of the health of our plants, ensuring that they are free from disease and pests before shipping them to our customers.  

phase 2: propagation & monitoring

Propagations are taken from our mother plants and then put in a growing medium.  The species and cultivar of the plant growing medium determines which growing medium the plant is placed in. Our growing mediums range between water, sphagnum moss, perlite, soil, or a special recipe of soil substrate.   After propagation, we place the cuttings in the growing medium and monitor the plant for several weeks until enough root growth appears.  After this, we pot the plant into a 4 or 6-inch pot.  However, some extra large leaved specialty plants are grown in 10-inch pots. 

phase 3: plant adoption & Shipping

We examine the plant for new growth and gently test the plant's root stability to ensure the plant is healthy and could handle the shipping process.  When we determine if the plant is stable, it is ready for adoption!  At this time, we package the plant and ready it for shipment and delivery to its new home!  All of out plants are packed with great care and best practices to ensure a safe journey to your home.  It is practical to expect that not all species and cultivars of plants handle shipping the same way.  It is reasonable to expect that some minor shock or blemish may occur to your plant during shipping.  We strongly advise against repotting for a period of 3 to 6 months.  Holding off on repotting is important for the plant while it is acclimating to its new home.

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